Single Tooth Implants

Our dental professionals are dedicated to delivering compassionate and gentle care within a modern and friendly setting at Orange Dental. Emphasising evidence-based diagnosis, patient education, and collaborative efforts, we strive to create a personalised treatment plan that aligns seamlessly with your oral health objectives. In addition to our comprehensive services, we specialise in advanced procedures, including the meticulous and effective single tooth implant treatment.

Single Tooth Implants

Our dentists and hygienists focus on providing gentle and compassionate care in a friendly and modern environment. We always focus on evidence based diagnosis, patient education, and working with you to build a treatment plan that aligns with your oral health goals.

Single Tooth Implants Serving Ontario and the Greater Toronto areas

Advantages of a Dental Implant vs. a Bridge

- Strong and natural-looking tooth

- Helps preserve the surrounding bone

- More cost-effective in the long term

- Replacing a single tooth with a dental implant is the option most dentists and patients prefer because it gives you a strong and natural-looking tooth without sacrificing the health of adjacent teeth.

A dental implant functions as an artificial tooth root, securely placed within the jawbone. Following a healing period, a porcelain or ceramic crown is affixed to the implant, resulting in a replacement tooth that closely mimics the appearance, function, and feel of a natural tooth. Not only does the implant serve as an excellent tooth replacement, but it also aids in preserving the adjacent bone.

In contrast, a traditional dental bridge is adhered to two neighbouring teeth, necessitating the modification or shaving down of these supporting teeth. This process increases their vulnerability to gum recession and decay. Unlike a single tooth implant, a bridge can contribute to the deterioration of the bone beneath the artificial tooth over time, potentially leading to cosmetic defects. When considering options like single tooth replacement, it's essential to acknowledge that a single tooth implant offers distinct advantages, including superior preservation of surrounding bone. Moreover, understanding the factors influencing the single tooth implant cost in Canada is crucial for making informed decisions about your dental health.

If you have a dental bridge that is failing or needs replacement, an implant may still be an option for you.

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Ensuring access to top-notch dental care for all is our commitment. This is why the majority of our branches conveniently handle direct billing with major insurance plans and provide financing options through PayBright. Our pricing is competitive, catering to those opting for out-of-pocket payments. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation.

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Cost of a Dental Implant vs. a Bridge

Some individuals choose dental bridges for their cost-effectiveness in the short term, often benefiting from partial insurance coverage. Although bridges can last for seven or more years, they inevitably require replacement. While the initial expense of a dental implant is higher, it represents a more permanent solution. With proper overall health and oral hygiene maintenance, implants offer a lifelong resolution. When considering the long-term advantages, you might discover that a dental implant is the more economical choice.  

The overall cost of your treatment will be influenced by your specific requirements, potentially including additional expenses for necessary bone grafting procedures. It's important to note that dental implants are generally not covered by insurance, but they may qualify as a health expense for tax purposes. Additionally, our clinics extend flexible payment options to facilitate the affordability of your implant treatment.

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Altima Dental is proud to offer our patients a 0% interest payment plan so our patients can get the treatment they need, when they need it. Visit this page for more info on our 0% Payment Plan.

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Orange Dental @ Vaughan is committed to providing it's customers with the best dental services, with expert care, and flexible payment options. We Nurture the Perfect smiles. For further queries, feel free to contact us. Orange Dental is committed to providing it's customers with the best dental services, with expert care, and flexible payment options. We Nurture the Perfect smiles. For further queries, feel free to contact us.

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