Partial Dentures

At our modern dental clinic, our team of skilled dentists and hygienists is dedicated to delivering compassionate care in a welcoming environment. Our approach centres around evidence-based diagnosis and patient education. We collaborate with you to craft a personalised treatment plan aligned with your oral health goals. As specialists in partial dentures, including flexible partial denture options, we ensure comprehensive solutions to enhance your smile and overall well-being.

Partial Dentures

Our dentists and hygienists focus on providing gentle and compassionate care in a friendly and modern environment. We always focus on evidence based diagnosis, patient education, and working with you to build a treatment plan that aligns with your oral health goals.

Partial Dentures Serving Ontario and the greater Toronto areas

Say goodbye to missing teeth with our expertly crafted partial dentures, specialised for both upper and lower needs. These dentures seamlessly fill the gaps in your smile, offering the appearance and function of natural teeth.

Beyond enhancing overall oral health, our upper partial dentures and lower partial denture solutions contribute to your picture-perfect smile. Whether you've lost a tooth unexpectedly or undergone a necessary extraction, our tailored partial dentures effortlessly restore your smile, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Ideal when remaining teeth can't support structures like bridges or in cases of multiple missing teeth, our partial dentures are securely attached to surrounding teeth. Plus, they can be easily removed for cleaning, sleeping, and more. Trust us as your partial dentures specialist for precision and care in bringing back your complete, confident smile.

Key Benefits:

- Fill in the gaps in your smile

- Partial dentures will allow you to have a strong mouth for chewing and eating tuff foods

- Will help Increase oral health by replacing gaps and or problem teeth.

- Give you the confidence to smile and show your teeth!

Partial dentures are made of a resin mould and are required when remaining teeth are not healthy enough to support dental structures like bridges or when multiple teeth are missing. They are attached to surrounding teeth but can be easily removed at any time for cleaning, sleeping, etc. They help a great deal with smile confidence, chewing and breaking down certain foods and improving your oral health.

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At our clinics, we believe in making high-quality dental care accessible to everyone. That's why we offer direct billing with major insurance plans at most locations and provide financing options through PayBright. Our competitive pricing is designed for those who prefer to pay out of pocket. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Can I sleep with my Partial Dentures in?

No, sleeping with you Partial dentures out gives your gums a chance to rest and recover so they will be ready for your dentures to go back in the next day.

Can I eat with my Partial Dentures in?

Yes, eating will actually become a more pleasant, enjoyable experience with Partial Dentures. Start slow with soft foods and work your way up to chewing firm, tuff foods if they are a part of your normal diet.

What’s the difference between a bridge and Partial Dentures?

A Bridge permanently attaches to strong healthy teeth. Partial Dentures clasp on to existing teeth but can be easily removed at anytime.

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Orange Dental @ Vaughan is committed to providing it's customers with the best dental services, with expert care, and flexible payment options. We Nurture the Perfect smiles. For further queries, feel free to contact us. Orange Dental is committed to providing it's customers with the best dental services, with expert care, and flexible payment options. We Nurture the Perfect smiles. For further queries, feel free to contact us.

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